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It’s been a long time coming but after several years operating as a business we’ve finally got our website up and running!

We officially started operating as Giddyup Timelapse around 4 years ago, but started shooting timelapse photography commercially and creatively much earlier. The dream is to make a living from what you love, so we thought we’d have a shot at doing this for a living and slowly started building our passion for timelpases in to a small business.

The past few years we’ve spent months travelling around the world shooting timelapses to sell as stock footage. An even longer time has been spent processing these timelapses back home to visually enhance them to their full potential. So far we’ve managed to shoot 23 countries and have over 800 clips for sale, and with trips to Europe and New Zealand later this year our collection is continually growing in size and quality.

We’ve now taken the next step and have started to offer custom timelapse shoots around Australia (and abroad if you’ll pay for us to come to you!). We specialise in tourism timelapse but are able to shoot anything from events to construction. We are also able to arrange full video production services, using our teams extensive experience in filming, editing, post production, and animation.

With another trip to Europe planned shortly and starting to shoot custom footage, we’re looking forward to the future and capturing some more amazing timelapse footage.

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