Our Services

Giddyup have 10 years experience filming commercial and creative timelapses including architecture and cityscapes, nature, events, and construction. In addition to our extensive stock library we offer filming and post production services to businesses that require unique footage of events or locations.

Custom Footage

We capture stunning high definition custom timelapse footage for you to use as part of your video production. In addition to filming we also include specialised post production services enhance the timelapse which includes expert colour grading to enhance the footage for maximum visual impact.

We provide
  • Photography
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Tracking and Rotary Equipment
  • Post Production

Video production

As well as providing individual clips we’re also able to provide video production services where timelapses will be used as part of a larger video. The Giddyup team are experts in a variety of video production disciplines including video editing and animated graphics.

Services Include
  • Production (Cinematography, Lighting, Directing)
  • Editing and Post Production
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Sound Recording and Mixing

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